The World Is On Its Knees (2015)

I grew up listening to older men talking about how the current world is different to the world they grew up in.  These men would sit in tightly neat groups and speak their mind, usually over a bottle of Scottish whiskey.  A part of me used to think that “they are just a bunch of old men, hating on all the things that I am enjoying in my youth”. I promised myself that I would be different.  I promised that I would be a man who is not consistantly stuck in the vicious cycle of ranting and raving about the past.  As I approach 27 years of age, I can already see myself talking to my children about how the past was much cooler than their present.  At the rate that we are speeding on, future generations are in for rampant and random acts of brutality.

There is so much going on these days and the frequency of these incidents is rather alarming.  The world is on its knees.  In many places across the globe, security is a luxury and tradegy is standard procedure.  These places live in constant fear of a variety of things that could possibly go wrong.  As you read this, someone in your area could be sitting in a brightly lit basement with packed book shelves, a table filled with nails, ball bearings and pressure cooker parts.  The man, with a smile on his face, is making a bomb that he plans to detonate in a crowded area. That is the world we live in.  This is the world that awaits my children.

It is getting harder and harder to go out for a pizza and not bump into a mad-man carrying a weapon.  We have people who walk into an instituition of education and unleash ammunition on random students. Mothers in certain parts of the world have sleepless nights, thinking about their daughters that were kidnapped in the middle of the night.  Shopping malls have become one sided war zones and streets have been repainted with a coat of blood.  The world is on its knees.

Our world is filled with a new blend of crazy people.  It takes a special kind of crazy to walk into a school, take someone’s quest for education and replace it with bullets from an automatic rifle.  It takes a special kind of crazy to strap on a bomb, walking into a coffee house and blow themselves (and people trying to begin their day) up.  Depending on who you speak to, what you think you know or what you read, there is always a whole new angle. Race. Religion. Geo-politics. History. Conspiracy. Economics.  In my opinion, its just plain crazy.  The nature in which incidents occur across the globe just goes to show that we can not pin down root causes to one field of study.  It is painful to realise that our world is becoming increasingly hostile with fewer places to go and fewer things to do.

I am terrified when I think about the future and even more terrified when I think about conversations with my children.  I can already feel the discomfort that will engulf my body when my children leave for school or trips to town.  The fear that they might not return or my wife and I departing their lives after meeting our own demise, grips me.  I can only hope that my prophecy does not materialise but if that is the case then the world will have to redefine the way it does things. Our first lesson will involve learning the ability to wish all of humanity well, not just the groups of people that you associate with. Are you not feeling so optimistic about this happening? Well, no one said the first lesson would be easy.


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