Hello and Goodbye (2015)

Today, I started writing for the Times of Swaziland, a daily newspaper from errr.. Swaziland! My weekly column titled ‘#TheSafeSpace’ will run every Wednesday and I will share the content here for the benefit of our visitors from abroad.  This is today’s entry:

I never thought I would be one of those people who arrives as people are leaving, but here I am.  Today we celebrate the birth of this weekly column which (save from unforeseen circumstances) will be available in your Wednesday copy of the Times.  Before we go on, allow me to declare that this will be safe space for opinions, observations and when necessary, a little bias will be thrown into the mix.  This column will serve as a platform for the discussion on various topics which include but are not limited to; current affairs, young people, Africa, chocolate and music.  I will write from my own perspectives but you are allowed to intellectually hunt me down on social media and potentially influence future discussions.  That was my ‘Hello’, now let us look at the ‘Goodbye’.

We are now less than 48 hours away from a new year and as you would expect, it is a time for deep introspection and whilst for others it is all about having fun.  Regardless of which side you are on, we all have to bid a collective goodbye to 2015.  Speaking of 2015, I recently conducted a survey with 12 friends and we concluded that ‘2015 flew past so fast!’ Do you agree with us?  Even though the year felt short, it was enjoyable and allowed me to learn. When I say I had a very good year, it is not really because everything went well, but it is due to the realization that even things that didn’t go as planned contributed towards my growth and new life lessons.  I can almost guarantee that if you take a second and look back at your ‘negative moments’ of 2015, you will begin to understand them in a different way.  At times, we tend to be too hard on ourselves and neglect to look at things objectively.  As I write this, I am in no means trying to promote a reckless attitude that just goes through life simply smiling and laughing at negative moments.  I am trying to promote an attitude that has feels and reacts; cry, be anxious, be nervous but quickly return to your feet and apply the relevant solution to the situation.

The year 2016 is a brilliant opportunity to not only start over but to also continue striving towards personal ambitions.  The New Year’s Resolutions that you set and did not achieve are not a failure.  Your resolutions are yours and yours alone so don’t feel any external pressure about when you need to accomplish them.  Whether you aimed to; lose weight, gain weight, get new job, get married or go back to school, if it is still relevant for you in 2016, go for it.  The truth is, Resolutions usually take time to materialise hence we should not lose motivation after the first year.  You would be surprised to hear that someone’s 2015 success came from Resolutions that he/she made in 2006 or earlier.  Keep your eye on the prize and sooner rather than later, your perseverance will pay off.  On a final note I hope you had a Merry Christmas and you will welcome 2016 in the best and safest way possible.  See you next week.

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